Monday, November 28, 2005

Peaceful Palms update

I've been a slacker on this KAL. Hubby requested Fingerless Gloves in a bright cotton yarn. So first, I had to finish Little Man's Placket Pullover Sweater. Then my size 5 DPNS were tied up with Little Man's Mittens so I had to finish those, too. But wait! Pumpkin Girl requested Mittens after seeing Little Man model his mittens. So now, DPNS are being used on Pumpkin Girl's Mittens.

I finally convinced Hubby that cotton is no-good for Fingerless Gloves because it will stretch out. He wants me to knit from the stash. So I found enough leftovers from Little Man's Mittens. Enough procrastination. I finally cast on last night and ended up using Addi #5 circulars. I just finished 3" of cuff.

Bear: "I hope she's not making me wear that tube.
Should I make a run for it?"

Bear: "Whew! I'm in the clear."

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Dani said...

Good luck with those fingerless gloves! I am going to be making my first pair of gloves in a few weeks :)