Friday, November 4, 2005

Must stay focused ...

As a new knitter, I feel like a sponge (NO, not Spongebob!) that wants to absorb everything I can learn about knitting. That being said, I want to try cables. I'm contemplating the Irish Hiking Scarf. I need to start small so that I can eventually knit Blaze. I fell in love with this sweater the first time I laid eyes on it.

Of course when Pumpkin Girl saw Little Man's mitten she asked me to knit her a pair, too. We'll need to make a trip to the LYS so she can pick her colors. Looks like we will have 2 pairs of Warm Hands this winter.

Peaceful Palms update - I will attempt fingerless gloves for the hubby and maybe for myself (if I don't run out of steam).

That plus my current WIPs should keep me busy through the end of the year.

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