Friday, June 22, 2007

Rusted Root

It was a gorgeous day. We decided last minute to throw some hotdogs on the grill for dinner. I realized that this was the perfect moment to take outdoor pictures of Rusted Root.

Poofy sleeves? check

Full spread

I did not bother throwing on a cami so excuse me if my bra peeks out through the lace panel.

Rusted Root
Pattern: Zephyr Style
Yarn: 3 skeins Lion Cotton-Ease in Terracotta for size S
Needles: Addi Circulars in US #5 and #7
(05/26/07 - 06/11/07)

1) Knit an additional 2 st before starting lace pattern. Knit 12 pattern repeats for body.
2) Added 12 st to sleeves (63 st).
3) Lengthened sleeves: Knit 6 rounds in St using larger needle. Switch to smaller needle and K2 P1 rib for 6 rounds. Bind off in larger needle.
4) Pick up stitches in collar using smaller needle. K2 P1 rib for 5 rounds then bind off.

If When I make this again, I will make the CO number divisible by 3.


CaveGurl said...

Your Rusted Root looks just beautiful!! You did a great job! I bound off using the larger needle for the sleeves too. I learned this the hard way on Bad Penny. I haven't tried mine on yet so I hope it fits! ;) Have a great weekend!

Octopus Knits said...

Very nice! The color is lovely on you.

tiennieknits said...

It looks fantastic! I'm working on RR too in a very similar color!

Liz said...

It looks so cute on you! That lace panel really makes it fun.