Sunday, January 28, 2007


What can I say about this Bonne Marie design? It's perfect! I love it!

Ariann was started the weekend I noticed Copper Bear feeling under the weather. When Copper passed away, I found it very hard to pick up this project (or any other project for that matter) since I associated knitting to fond memories of Copper laying on my feet. The pattern is so easy to memorize and at the same time so easy to mess up. Ariann has been sent to "time out" a few times due to "user error". You know the drill, knit 18 rows then rip out 8 rows.

The holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) were so hectic that I barely had a chance to knit. I mean all I did to finish this was bind off the collar, seam the pits and weave in the ends. I had to join a new ball to bind off the last 20+ stitches. Unbelievable! I bet if I knew how to do those spit joins, I would not have touched the 13th ball. Anyway, in all the excitement, I wove in the ends on the collar on the WS of the sweater. When I tried it on and looked at the mirror, I saw the bumps on the collar. Sheesh! Another ripfest but I fixed it almost immediately. Who needs dinner anyway, right?

Pattern: Chic Knits
Yarn: 12+ KP Andean Silk in Chocolate
Needles: Addi Circulars in US #6, 7 (8 for bind off)
(10/14/06 - 12/29/06)

I finally got the courage to sew on the buttons last Thursday evening. Yes, it took me almost a month to get the courage to sew buttons on this. I'm still not sure on the placement though. It still needs a good blocking but that will come later.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ribby Shell

Since I was taking pictures of some FOs, I dragged out Ribby Shell for a better picture.

Ribby Shell
Pattern: Chic Knits
Yarn: 3 balls TLC Cotton Plus in Cream
Needles: Addi Circulars in US #8
(08/22/06 - 09/16/06)

I knit the ribbed version. I will definitely knit another one ... maybe the flat-paneled version next. This has gotten so much use (even in the winter time). It is definitely a staple in my wardrobe!

Friday, January 19, 2007

I messed up - long story

My cousin was an extra on this show a couple of years ago. My uncle informed me but I missed it. Pumpkin Girl has been bugging me ever since she heard we have a relative in showbiz. Last week, I finally broke down and searched the web for the information I needed. I'm sure the show is good and all but there's no way I'd borrow the whole season 1 and 2 just to find her. I nailed down the episode and got it on Netflix.

I surprised her on Tuesday with "do you want to watch Aunt Chewy (her nickname)?". I knew she would say "Mom, watch it with me" so I dragged my CPH project and knit in her room. Somehow my stitch marker fell off and I lost my point of reference. Instead of proceeding with the left front, I went ahead and cast on for the right front last night. I'm hoping that when I get to the same point, everything will be OK.

I'll add the pictures later.

Monday, January 8, 2007

First project of 2007 - CPH

It took 5 days into the New Year before I picked up the needles again. I was mostly blog surfing and looking for inspiration for my next project. Yes, I have UFO's hanging around but I need something new to kick start 2007.

Remember this?

Peace Fleece haul 5/15/06

I've decided to knit from the stash and join the bandwagon known as the Central Park Hoodie. This is the first project where I actually knit a swatch. Here's my progress so far with 1 skein (~ 14" on the back).

True color - Lena's Meadow

Without flash to see the cables

I already did some surgery on this. After I did the first set of charts (10 rows), I looked at my work and noticed that the 1st crossover (lower right side) was reversed. It was clearly my mistake. Option A was to rip 8 rows. Option B was to drop 6 stitches 8 rows down and fix the cable. I opted for option B. I don't think it is noticeable, do you?

P.S. - Sorry for the blurry photos!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

A bit distracted

I should have been swatching for this

or sewing the buttons on Ariann.

Instead I was doing this

Monday, January 1, 2007

A Year in review - 2006

It's been a productive year for knitting. Here's a tally of items knitted this year.

Adult Sweaters 2
Adult Short sleeves 2
Adult Tanks 3 (all ChicKnit patterns)
Adult Hat 1
Adult Scarf 1
Kid's Sweater 1
Kid's Shrug 2
Kid's socks (pairs) 3
Kid's Mittens (pair) 1
Felted Baskets 2
Dishcloth 1

Techniques learned:
- Knitting top down
- Seaming
- Knitting simple lace
- Buttonholes
- Socks