Thursday, December 8, 2005

It's been slow around here ...

It seems like I lost some steam after Thanksgiving. I was so excited with some new yarns but did not want to start yet another project until I cleared off some WIPs.

KP Panache and KP Suri Dream

On December 1st, I attended my first Sit-N-Knit in our area. I brought along Ribby Cardi (which I haven't worked on in months). It energized me a little but then came the realization that I'm making things more difficult than it needs to be. WHY in my right mind did I think I could fudge with an already perfect pattern? I've come to the conclusion that I will need to frog whatever I have knit up and just start over (in pieces this time). It will make for a more relaxing knit. I don't need more stress during the holidays.

This past Sunday, I had to drag out the ole sewing machine. Pumpkin Girl played an Army Ant in her 2nd grade musical "BUGZ" and I had to make four appendages to attach to her shirt. All in all, it came out great! While we were waiting for the kiddies to come out, I overheard another parent comment on her costume "That's neat! How'd she do that?" That made my day.

My Little Army Ant

Hubby is tapping his fingers patiently waiting for me to finish his Fingerless Gloves. I'm stalled because my DPNS are on Pumpkin Girl's Mittens. I'm trying to work as fast as I can on her mittens to free up the needles. I know, I'm too cheap to just go out and buy another set of DPNS.

Yes, I know they do not match.

Molly is ON HOLD. The blisters on my fingertips have healed (weird reaction to acrylic) but I don't think I can muster enough courage to pick up acrylic yet.

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none said...

I got a few blisters working with dpns from pushing the needle with my index finger.

I made a pair of mittens a few months ago, size 2T. I don't think I will be working on another anytime soon. The thumb turned out to be such a pain for me.