Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Peaks and Valleys

We've been down in the dumps lately at home. Yesterday was the exception. Why?

Little Man turned 4 yesterday. It was an excellent reason to celebrate. We went out to dinner. Celebrant's choice was Red Robin because he likes the attention when the servers sing out loud. There were 4 other families celebrating birthdays, too. He even got a special treat when the mascot, Red Robin, made an appearance and came around to our table.

As soon as we got home, we set up the cake and presents in the formal living room. He was excited to blow out the candles and dig into the cake. However, I think he wanted to get that out of the way so he could open his presents.

On a sad note, we had to put down our beloved Copper Bear. He was a month shy of his 10th birthday. He was our "test baby" - if you know what I mean. It broke our hearts to break it to the kids. Copper Bear was their older brother. I will miss him dearly as he was 'my boy'.

Goodbye Copper Bear! You will always be in our hearts!

Copper Bear
11/16/96 - 10/16/06

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend Update

The knitting on the placket sweater was getting a bit tight on the 32" Addi circular needles. I kept having to push the stitches to the right every dozen stitches knitted. This was slowing me down big time (not that I'm a fast knitter to begin with). I broke down and ordered a 47" Addi from Elann on the 11th. In the meantime, I could not resist Chic Knits' newest pattern so I cast on for Ariann.

I'm using KP Andean Silk in Chocolate. I've used this yarn before on my Hourglass Sweater so I did not bother making a gauge swatch.

I can't believe the needles arrived on the 14th. Thanks Elann! I transferred the sweater to the new needles. See ...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wouldn't you drop everything, too?

Remember this sweater I knit for Little Man last year? A few weeks ago, Hubby asked for an identical cotton sweater in his size. In all the excitement, I somehow forgot to mention it on this blog. I'm using the same yarn and the same color (his choice) so no need to make a gauge swatch. I used the gauge from the sweater and just cast on. Since I do not have an actual pattern to follow, I am using this and this as a starting point. I have 1 sleeve done and about 4" of the body. This will be loads of fun. This has been the perfect project while watching TV ... round and round of stockinette all the way.

P.S. - Chocolate yarn for Ariann arrived today.

Monday, October 9, 2006

PGH Trip

We went to Pittsburgh, PA to visit the in-laws. We left on Friday around 6:30 pm and I was able to work on a few rows on sleeve #1 before I had to call it quits. My grandiose plans included trips to 2 LYS (Knit One and Bonnie Knits) over the weekend. Alas, we only had time to go to Bonnie Knits on Saturday. Little Man was so at home. He just plopped himself on the big chair and played on the Gameboy while Hubby looked at the yarn with me. I spotted some Zitron Trekking XXL which I have never seen before. So in the spirit of Socktoberfest, I asked Hubby to pick 2 colors. Then I saw the 50% off bin and scooped up a bag of Filatura di Crosa 501 (another new to me). Happy Day!

L-R: Filatura di Crosa 501 #213, Trekking XXL 105, Trekking XXL 110

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Ribby Shell - it's about time

Still high from finishing off the kiddie sweater (or seeing my kid learn to inline skate on the road), I was itching to start another project. Then I remembered that I had 2 projects that just needed seaming so they can come-off the list. I opted for the easier one. Ribby Shell just needed the shoulders seamed (all 40 stitches in all). This is something I can wear to work - under a cardigan or jacket, so why not?

I was all ready for the photoshoot but then the camera said "card is full". It must've been the movies we took of Pumpkin Girl skating while Little Man was riding his bike earlier that afternoon. Hubby said it would take 31 minutes to download the pictures from the camera so I just went ahead and started dinner and totally forgot about the photo shoot until today.

Ribby Shell
Pattern: Chic Knits
Yarn: 3 balls TLC Cotton Plus in Cream
Needles: Addi Circulars in US #8
(08/22/06 - 09/16/06)

I knit the ribbed version. I will definitely knit another one ... maybe the flat-paneled version next.

Socktoberfest 2006

Last night I cast on for my first adult size sock. I chose the pattern Broad Ripple. It took me four times to cast on for this sock. I almost bagged the whole idea of Socktoberfest. Somehow, I don't remember it being that difficult to cast on for the 3 pairs of kiddie socks I knit earlier in the year. Anyway, I got past the cast on row and knitted 6 rows before I set it aside. I will take some pictures once I have something to show.

In the meantime, here's my Sock knitting history in response to Lolly's questionnaire:

  • When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class?

    I knit my 1st pair of socks in February 2006. I taught myself using Ann Budd's book and the instructions on the Lion Brand Magic Stripes label.

  • What was your first pair? How have they "held up" over time?

    I made it using Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Spring Fling for my daughter. I think she's misplaced one of them already.

  • What would you have done differently?
    Maybe knit a longer cuff because I had so much leftover.

  • What yarns have you particularly enjoyed?
    The only yarns I've used so far are - Lion Brand Magic Stripes, Wildfoote Luxury Sock and Lang Jawoll. I like the Lang Jawoll because it has that little spool of matching yarn for reinforcement.

  • Do you like to crochet your socks? or knit them on DPNs, 2 circulars, or using the Magic Loop method?
    The only needles I've used are Brittany Birch 5" DPNS in US #3

  • Which kind of heel do you prefer? (flap? or short-row?)
    I don't even know what kind of heel it's called in Ann Budd's book.

  • How many pairs have you made?
    I've made 3 pairs of childrens socks to date.

    #1 - February 2006, LB Magic Stripes for 7 year old

    #2 - March 2006, Wildfoote Luxury Sock for 3 year old

    #3 - May 2006, Lang Jawoll for 3 year old

  • Sunday, October 1, 2006

    Piercings and a Finished Sweater

    Piercings! Nope, not me!

    Last year, Pumpkin Girl decided she wanted her ears pierced. We took her to the mall, picked out the earrings and took our turn. The worst thing happened - the gun misfired! We left the mall. She was in tears and we had nothing to show for it.

    Here we are a year later and she was determined to get her ears pierced when she turned 8. I found out from her that most of the girls in her 3rd grade class have their ears pierced. No pressure from me. However, Grandma kept telling her "if you don't have pierced ears, I won't buy you earrings".

    Grandma, this one's for you.

    When I bought the School Spirit Sweater pattern a year ago, I had envisioned knitting it for Pumpkin Girl. Pumpkin Girl is a tough one to knit for. She rarely wears long sleeves and when she does it is usually a cardigan. When I was going through patterns, Little Man saw this and immediately requested one in orange and blue. He picked a winner!

    Air guitar pose

    School Spirit Sweater
    Pattern: Knit and Tonic
    Yarn: 2+ balls Lion Cotton-Ease Icy Blue and Orangeade for trim
    Needles: Addi Circulars in US #6 and #7
    (09/17/06 - 09/30/06)