Thursday, May 18, 2006

Amazing Lace: Meet the Team

Team Captain

It's been busy over here at Bear Knits. Applications have been filtering in to be considered for the team relay event. I think potential teammates are shying away because they doubt the experience and commitment level here at Bear Knits. After all, Bear Knits only has 2 lace projects to boast of - a simple yet elegant Branching Out and the very recent Red Gable - so I can understand their hesitance.

Here are two teammates that actually made an appearance:

Green Gable is a returning teammate here at Bear Knits. We first teamed up in April as Red Gable. This time in a very courageous move, the yarn was swapped for cotton/acrylic. Let's see if this was a smart move on my behalf, only time will tell.

Orangina is not new here either. It showed up early (a few weeks ago) but made a detour to the frog pond because of sizing issues. The pattern was a cinch but the yarn color - Oy! I had a love/hate relationship with the black yarn. We've developed a more harmonious working relationship.

Nevertheless, the door is still wide open for potential teammates out there. Have some faith in me (I don't bite ... but I'll sniff ya) and we will make each other proud! Go Team!


Anonymous said...

Go, go, go!

I think you made a good yarn swap for your Gable. Cotton/acrylic usually makes for a good garment.

Anonymous said...

I love Green Gable! Good luck rounding out your Amazing Lace team!