Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Gifts

Presents from the Hubby:

I received four books to greatly enhance my knitting library. This means I can return the library books now :-)

He also got me a knitting machine. The Ultimate Sweater machine intimidates me. It will simmer in the box until I work up the courage to use it.

Some officemates got me a few knitting goodies, too.

Included in the photo are:
1. a tapestry bag (aka knitting bag)
2. 24" Addi Turbo US #7 circular needles
3. an accoutrement bag (replaces its predecessor - snack size Ziploc bag)
4. an Inox needle sizer
5. a customized pack of 30 labels with my name on it
6. a needle case for straight needles

I really got to get back to my knitting soon.

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