Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cross Your Needles for me

Joann's had a sale recently and now I finally have a yarn swift (and a blocking board). I immediately dragged out my bag of Rowanspun DK and Cascade Sierra and started making some yarn balls.

With my newly wound Rowanspun DK on hand, I cast on for Salina's sleeve over the weekend. I decide to go with the size M since I just finished my CPH in 38". I was so happy to get gauge with my 4 mm Addis and just kept going. I'm liking this project. I start noticing that the sleeve looks too wide. Do I stop? NO (Mistake #1).

Around 8" into it, I decide to measure another sweater (Hourglass) that fits well. Ooops! I should've knit the S size. So instead of ripping the sleeve, I grab another ball of Rowanspun DK and start to cast on for the back in size S while watching Heroes. After knitting about 2 rows, I realize that I pulled out the 4 mm needle instead of the 3.5 mm (Mistake #2)

I'm hoping 3rd time's a charm.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Central Park Hoodie

It fits! I'm so happy with it!

I already wore it around town. Peace Fleece is warm. It's in the 30s today and I managed without a winter coat. If that isn't testament enough for the wool.

I do not plan to wear it with the hood up. However, Pumpkin Girl wanted to see how the hoodie looks on me. The verdict - she wants one in Pink.

It went from this ...

to this ...

Central Park Hoodie
Pattern: Knitscene Fall 2006
Yarn: 5.3 skeins Peace Fleece in Lena's Meadow for size 36
Needles: Addi Circulars in US #7 and 8
(01/06/07 - 02/18/07)

Modifications: I ended up picking up 158 stitches for the hood buttonband. Otherwise, I followed the pattern (See errata on web site). I decided on 5 buttons for the closure.

Hood lays down perfectly

Button detail

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Almost an FO

Knitting is done. It's time to hold a Seaming Party. Margaritas all around!

Sleeveless state

Nicks swimming taken 11/2006

Nicks posing 2/18/07

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day

Hubby and I decided to take a 'snow day'. We had somewhere between 2-4" of snow topped with 1" of ice. It made for ideal conditions for sledding down the front lawn.

While Hubby was plowing the driveway, I took some pictures of the Pumpkin Girl and Little Man enjoying the weather.

Pumpkin Girl

Little Man

P.S. - I did manage to get on the sled, too.

Knitting - I finished my Calorimetry but it came out huge! I may decide to rip and do over. CPH is coming along. I stalled because I needed to wind my last skein of Peace Fleece last night with Hubby. Onwards with the hood!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

First FO of 2007

We went to the local craft store this afternoon to buy some supplies for Pumpkin Girl's Valentine exchange. There are 24 kids in her class so we need to come-up with at least 25 items. For the friends at daycare, we usually just do the candy. We stumbled upon a pack of scrap book paper in one of the bins. The light bulb came on and a decision was made ... make origami flowers and stick a lollipop in the middle.

Then I wandered off to the yarn section and found some variegated Patons Merino Wool. Instantly I thought about knitting Calorimetry. It's been on my mind but I've been trying to stay focused on CPH when I have time to knit on the weekend. I had Pumpkin Girl pick out a color. Voila!

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino in Rosewood
Needles: Addi Circulars in US #8 (9 for bind off)
(02/11/07 - 02/11/07)

Modifications: I cast on 80 stitches and only did 7 repeats of Row 5 and 9 repeats of Row 7.

Seriously it happened so quickly. It did not make it to the sidebar until after completion. I will definitely make one for me with the leftovers.