Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One track mind

I'm loving my Green Red Gable sweater. I'm thinking of adding some waist shaping to it for my wide hips. This is the only project I'm working on. Sometimes I get tired of it and I want to start something new. I must resist the urge. I still need to start the second sock for Little Man. Let's see how long I can stay on track with this project.

You'll notice that some projects disappeared from the WIPs list. Ribby Cardi is on hold. Sweet Heart (aka Imp) is going to be ripped. Pumpkin Girl would rather have a tank or a cardi. All that Shine will be recycled into something she will wear.


Birdsong said...

Ooh, la, la1 I hadn't seen this beauty of a pattern yet, but may have to make one myself for summer. Lovely, just lovely, and thanks for the kind words.

Unknown said...

I love the color...and I always vote for hip shaping.

The Easter baskets look to have been big hits. They turned out great!