Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm still here

This has been a crazy week at our house. Not too much knitting going on. Pumpkin Girl is in 2nd grade. She comes home on Tuesday with some Math (probabilities) homework due the next day. No problem, I used to tutor Statistics. But this is only on top of some other homework (10 pages Language Arts and 8 page weekly Math packet) due on Friday. Wednesday nights are shot because by the time we get home from her RE class, it's off to bed for her. So we only had 2 nights to scramble and get all her homework done.

Stash-Along Update: I was so tempted to take advantage of the Stash-along Free Day to enhance my stash. However, that day (Feb 14th) has come and gone and I am happy to report that the stash did not grow. All I needed to do was to open my Excel spreadsheet (yarn inventory) to remind me how much yarn I have in my closet. I cannot justify getting more yarn when I have 5 projects that need to be finished.

I'm hoping I can finish Pumpkin Girl's socks this weekend and maybe pick-up those other neglected projects. Most of them are over 50% done.

So instead of buying yarn, I did buy some patterns (individual and books) to enhance my ever growing project list. I'll post the pictures as they arrive.

You've got mail!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, if you can't buy yarn you might as well buy patterns. I have fallen into this pattern too. I have gotten some good patterns though, including the one I knit up for the Olympics.