Monday, February 20, 2006

Illness and knitting

I've been sick since the weekend. Asthma has taken its toll. Fortunately, I had some WIPs knitting to keep me busy. OK so which project do I work on?

Sweetheart is in simmering in its own little timeout Ziploc bag. I ripped out the puckering heart and reknit the body until the pits. I will have to learn duplicate stitch to put back the heart. I had started to join the sleeves to the body but the striping in the sleeves is making it really difficult. I may just have to rip out the sleeves and just knit it all the way to the sleeve caps.

To Dye For's material (KP Suri Dream) is probably not the best to work on while I'm having my asthma attacks.

Molly is out of acrylic. After the blisters I got from working on this one, I'm not quite ready to pick it up.

So the only one left without starting a new project is Ribby Cardi. Ribby Cardi is supposed to be a very straight forward pattern. Of course, I decided to knit the body in one piece (I'm up to the pits on this one) and the sleeves in the round. I hit a senior moment with the sleeves back in November and it has been lingering in its own little Ziploc bag.

So I asked myself, why am I tinkering with such a fine pattern? I ripped out the sleeves and just started knitting both sleeves flat on Sunday. As of this evening, I'm about 17" and ready to start the sleeve caps.

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