Monday, August 1, 2005

Finally some knitting progress

I got some knitting done over the weekend. I finally finished the orange kidlet tank with hearts. That took some planning on my part to figure out how to layout those little hearts. I won't bother showing pictures of the back since it looks hideous. Intarsia is not for me (at the moment)!

Tivoli is also picking up some steam - about 1/3 done. I'm at the point that I could try it on yesterday. Of course, my daughter thought I was nuts trying it on.

I started the Hourglass sweater sleeve with size 7 needles and got gauge. My only problem is that I want an in-between size. The smallest size is 33", the next size is 37". I don't think this sweater is knit with negative ease - so I may try to use smaller needles and stick with the 2nd size.

I'll upload some pictures tonight. Wow I just realized that all these projects are in some shade of orange.


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