Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Partner in Crime

I'm still busy knitting on Rusted Root but I needed to take a progress shot so I can upload to Ravelry. I went to my son's room to take the picture when Nicks ran by and saw me. His expression said it all. Too bad the photo with his head cocked one way was too blurry.

Nicks: What is she doing now? taking pictures of a half-knit in the mirror?

Camera ready


Anonymous said...

The Rusted Root is so pretty. I'll be casting on for it soon too!

CaveGurl said...

Your Rusted Root looks so good. I cast on Wednesday, 5/30 and only have a few more rows before I can separate the sleeves! :) But I messed up on the first two sets of lace so I am thinking I will rework this by laddering down to the beginning and then re-knitting it. Watch my blog this week for pictures.

Liz said...

what a cute doggie! sweater looks great too

Anonymous said...

Oooh ahhh, love the lace edging.