Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cross Your Needles for me

Joann's had a sale recently and now I finally have a yarn swift (and a blocking board). I immediately dragged out my bag of Rowanspun DK and Cascade Sierra and started making some yarn balls.

With my newly wound Rowanspun DK on hand, I cast on for Salina's sleeve over the weekend. I decide to go with the size M since I just finished my CPH in 38". I was so happy to get gauge with my 4 mm Addis and just kept going. I'm liking this project. I start noticing that the sleeve looks too wide. Do I stop? NO (Mistake #1).

Around 8" into it, I decide to measure another sweater (Hourglass) that fits well. Ooops! I should've knit the S size. So instead of ripping the sleeve, I grab another ball of Rowanspun DK and start to cast on for the back in size S while watching Heroes. After knitting about 2 rows, I realize that I pulled out the 4 mm needle instead of the 3.5 mm (Mistake #2)

I'm hoping 3rd time's a charm.


Liz said...

oh, bummer! I'm sure you'll get it right soon.

Anonymous said...

oh, well, right? It's *just* yarn. I hate those projects, just can't seem to get going . . .

I'm sure you'll get it all sorted out.