Friday, January 19, 2007

I messed up - long story

My cousin was an extra on this show a couple of years ago. My uncle informed me but I missed it. Pumpkin Girl has been bugging me ever since she heard we have a relative in showbiz. Last week, I finally broke down and searched the web for the information I needed. I'm sure the show is good and all but there's no way I'd borrow the whole season 1 and 2 just to find her. I nailed down the episode and got it on Netflix.

I surprised her on Tuesday with "do you want to watch Aunt Chewy (her nickname)?". I knew she would say "Mom, watch it with me" so I dragged my CPH project and knit in her room. Somehow my stitch marker fell off and I lost my point of reference. Instead of proceeding with the left front, I went ahead and cast on for the right front last night. I'm hoping that when I get to the same point, everything will be OK.

I'll add the pictures later.

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Anonymous said...

ouch! At least you hadn't already completed the right front . . . you had something to fall back on this way.