Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas prezzies

I'll stick with the knitting related ones - some yummy yarn and a sock kit :-)

Hubby got enough DB Alpaca Silk for Lara and a skein of Misti Alpaca Lace. Now I'm only waiting for the DB magazine to arrive.

He also got me Trekking XXL 05, Brittany Birch needles in 3mm and a retractable tape measure.

Nickel says, "Thanks cousins (5 kitties) for the perfect doggie bandana!" Here he is modeling it on Christmas morning.

Poor Nickel had to be tied to the dining table so he wouldn't jump on the guests. He is so drawn to the scents of Body Butter. He's enrolled in Basic Training in January so this is temporary solution when there are visitors.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo, looks like a good haul! I loved working with that alpaca silk last year.