Sunday, June 4, 2006

Amazing Lace update

It seems that Team Bear Knits is off to a great start.

The first leg of the relay has been done. Teammate Green Gables was actually worn to work last Friday and received some nice compliments. The yarn (TLC Cotton Plus) seems to be holding up. I can see us partnering up for future projects.

The second leg of the relay is progressing nicely. I am attempting to knit Orangina's pieces at the same time so that once I'm done with the lace, it will be ribbing then seaming. Any tips to seaming black projects???

This showed up over the weekend - some Evita Zitron I acquired from Bron's stash sale. It could potentially be another teammate (Soleil) in the making.


Anonymous said...

Your green gable is GAW-GEOUS! Compliments very much deserved :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Green Gable, and congratulations on the finished project. For seaming black pieces I suggest using lots of light and slightly pulling on the edges that will be seamed so that you can see them better, you can also whipstitch a lighter colored yarn between the seam and the rest of the piece to let it be more visible.

Anonymous said...

That's so pretty! I would love to knit a black Orangina.

Unknown said...

The top looks great...I love the light green color.